Info & Materials from 1/8 Effective Advocacy online

The information from Sunday’s event, Effective Advocacy for Animals: Activist Skills and Activist Rights, is available online at:

GenerationVegan Podcast

It includes an audio version of the presentations on tabling, leafleting, and letter writing, plus the handouts that were distributed.

Part II – Activist Rights for Animal Rights – will be covered in a future show.

Thank you to Suzanne, Nora, and Thea for sharing their information & experience, to Alex for providing yummy vegan refreshments, to Nick for taking photographs, and to folks like Bob & Steve who helped us set-up tables and chairs.

Please note that February’s Compassionate Living program will feature a discussion around the classic “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer. Please RSVP as space is limited. This event will be at the Main SF Library at Civic Center (easy BART / Muni access).

In March, we’ll return to Cellspace with a presentation on Use the Law, Help the Animals.

Compassionate Living program schedule for 2006:

Suggestions or donations in support of the Compassionate Living Program are always welcome (anyone got a PA system?).

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