The Scoop on Salt

You know how you often taste food in a restaurant and you go home and try to replicate it, but you can never get it right? More often than not that fancy chef secret is plain old salt.

Restaurants use more salt in their food. So keep that in mind as you cook. If your food tastes bland to you, you may wish to keep it that way and let your taste buds gradually adjust to salt-free eating. But if you’re like me and you like tasty food, don’t stress when you taste a new recipe and find it disappointing. Simply add salt.

Too much salt tastes too salty, of course. But if you add enough salt, the foods in your dish are high-lighted and complemented. Homer called salt divine. Plato described it as dear to the gods. And do you know the old story “I Love You More Than You Love Salt?” That princess sure got in trouble but she was right in the end.

If we regularly eat the excessive salt found in meat foods, junk food, and fast food restaurants–then we’re probably hurting our taste buds and our poor hearts. But as far as I’m concerned, if I’m eating a basically healthy vegan diet, I’m not going to hesitate to use enough salt to make food taste good. People often compliment my food and they assume it’s because I’m a chef. I can make the exact same recipe as a “non-chef” (and I have done this), the only difference being an extra helping of salt in my dish, and the eaters assume my dish is better because I wear a white jacket. If you’re on a salt-free diet now I certainly don’t want you to change, but if you eat salt normally, and you’re not always happy with your cooking–try an extra pinch or two.

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