How To Post a Review in the Ultimate Guide

To post a review in the Ultimate Guide, a Bay Area wide searchable database of vegetarian foods and services:

1) You need a userid on the BAVEG forum on our website. This userid is distinct and separate from any other userids that you may have on Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It can be the same if you like.

a) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website forum, then go to step 2
b) If you already have a userid on the BAVEG website forum but forgot your password, still go to step 2
c) If you don’t have a userid on the BAVEG website forum, then you can sign-up to get one.

2) Find the restaurant you want to review in the Ultimate Guide

3) In the listing for each business, there is a button called “review”. Select that. The next screen may ask you to log in. (This is also where you’ll have the opportunity to select the link “I forgot my password” to re-establish your ability to login)

4) Type your review, and that’s it!

TIP: When you are logged into the BAVEG website forum, on the Ultimate Guide page, there is an extra button to the right of the “LOGIN” or “LOGOUT” button. It looks like a person’s head. That button will show you your profile on our website, and can be used to see all the reviews you’ve ever done and provide a centralized place if you want to modify reviews for any restaurants that you’ve visited.

So, with your BAVEG website forum userid you can now participate in forum discussions AND post reviews of your favorite (and not-so-favorite) businesses in the Ultimate Guide.

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