4th Anniversary Party Thank You

We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate BAVeg’s 4th Anniversary earlier this month. It’s hard to believe it has been four years already!

Special thanks to a few individuals and organizations who made this event such fun:

-Lyman, who organized and acquired the space for the party
-lauren from Viva!USA, who gave an inspiring presentation about Campaigning for Farmed Animals

-Fantastic Foods for boxes of food and soup mixes that we gave away as door prizes
-Satya Magazine for copies of their current and back issues of this wonderful magazine about vegetarianism, animal rights, social justice and environment
-Sun Flour Baking for yummy little bundles of joy (peanut butter, chocolate chip, german chocolate, and lemony lemon)

and we even had a short presentation by the other vegetarian Lyman, Howard Lyman.

We were happy to have lauren as our guest speaker at the party. It was hearing lauren talk at a house party that Alka had a few years back that introduced us to lauren and Viva. We were impressed by her dedication and inspired by her efforts to help animals. One of the points that lauren made in her presentation about their campaign to educate Whole Foods was the importance and effectiveness of two of their volunteers in LA who leafleted every day. It was a three year campaign, but the results are impressive! Viva!USA is a small organization with big heart and big goals to help the animals. They are launching a new campaign to raise awareness of how many chickens are killed annually for food. If you have time or interest, please get involved!!** Please visit Viva’s website at http://www.vivausa.org

Viva is looking for folks to leaflet 11/4 for the opening of CHICKEN LITTLE

About getting involved: we have monthly protest events about cruelty at KFC. It would be wonderful to also get involved in Viva’s new campaign for chickens as well as the Trader Joe’s campaign in the same manner. Please email me if you are interested.

Fantastic Foods donated boxes and boxes of vegan products that we gave as door prizes at the Anniversary Party as well as September’s Compassionate Living event featuring Paul Shapiro from the Humane Society of the United States. They were well-received, with quite a few commenting how good they are and (for the soup cups) convenient for lunch.

Satya Magazine is a wonderful resource. Some folks who live locally conribute articles to Satya, too (like lauren). Think about subscribing, or even if you are not a subscriber, you can still be a reader by going to their website at http://www.satyamag.com/
We have a few sample issues left and will bring them to the next BAVeg event.

Sun Flour Baking has the best cookies. We love their cookies, and are grateful for their ongoing support.

Between bites of food and conversation, we took a few photos. We hope to get them uploaded in the next few days. When we do, you’ll find them online in our photo gallery at


Thank you, also, to those who gave so generously to support Bay Area Vegetarians and our work to promote, build, and create vegetarianism community in the San Francisco Bay Area! We are grateful for your support, whether it is volunteering, financial, or both. Thank you!

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