Call for Speakers

The Compassionate Living program, sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians, is a monthly event series that provide an opportunity to examine and present different topics related to vegetarian living, education, and advocacy via speakers, discussions, and films. It’s included speakers like Erik Marcus, Christine Morrissey, Nora Kramer, Paul Shapiro, and (next week) lauren Ornelas and topics like Meat Market, Effective Tabling Tips & Techniques, California Animal Agriculture, and Effective Communication.

We are now setting up the schedule for 2006. We’d like to keep it loosely in these proportions:

4 presentations
4 discussion/workshop/interactive type events
4 discussions based on vegetarian / animal rights books

I’ve brainstormed some tenative ideas for 2006, but nothing is concrete — yet! So, I would love to get some input from y’all —

1) If you have an idea for an activity or topic that should be included, please email me.

2) If you are a dynamic speaker and would like to share your knowledge on a specific topic related to vegetarianism or advocacy for vegetarianism, or have a specific skill to share, please email me your event proposal and it would be helpful if you could provide some info on your background/qualifications to present this topic.

3) If you have suggestions for veg / AR book topics, please see the forum thread that Lisa recently posted.

The Compassionate Living program series is run entirely by volunteers and volunteer speakers, and provided free of charge to members as well as the general public.

Thank YOU for your support of the Compassionate Living program and our goal to support and promote vegetarianism and build the veg community.

Tammy & Chris
Co-Founders of Bay Area Vegetarians

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