New local podcast

Hi folks

Just because we *can*, Chris and I have started a podcast. In lay terms, a podcast is like a self-produced “radio” show on the Internet. It’s normally connected with a blog. Some people listen to them via iPods but you can use anything that an play an MP3 file – like a computer – to listen to it.

In our podcast, we want to share our experiences and strategies of promoting vegetarianism via Bay Area Vegetarians with a wider audience — to share what works, what doesn’t work, thoughts on everday vegan living, and other interesting vegan tidbits.

We’ve relaunched our original website to host the podcast –

As some original list people may recall, was our original website which we used to host information about SFBAVEG when it was first “born”.

Also, if you have iTunes, or something similar, you can “subscribe” and each new episode will be automatically delivered to you.

We just uploaded our first real episode. Check it out. Amazingly, it’s already been downloaded a bunch and we haven’t even posted about it anywhere.

Tammy & Chris
in LA, hoping to podcast from the PETA gala

P.S: Just for fun – google on “vegan podcast” and we’re #1 🙂

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