KFC Cruelty Protests Updates

Three Updates about KFC Cruelty protests in the Bay Area

1) Palo Alto
Candace has been organizing monthly protest at Palo Alto KFC on El Camino … recently this store closed! Hey, what a wonderful coincidence! So, Candace is checking out the other Palo Alto or Mtn View KFC locations (sadly there is not a shortage to choose from!). If anyone has any input/preference, now’s a good time to speak up. (i.e. Would you attend on a more regular basis at one location or the other)

Update: Candace has moved the KFC Cruelty protest to the remaining Palo Alto location

2) Mill Valley/Marin

Val wrote: “Hi All, I’m suspending the Mill Valley KFC demos until further notice. If anyone would like to host them, or hold one in a different location, you are more than welcome to all the signs and lit that I have. ” Any takers? Please contact us.

Update: Thank you to Hannah and her activist son for taking over the responsibility for this protest. It’s now happening the 1st Friday at 5 pm in San Rafael.

3) San Jose

There is a KFC on Santa Clara Street just a few MINUTES walk three wonderful veggie places – Vegetarian House, Tofoo Com Chay, and Good Karma. The last two are small vegan restaurants (Good Karma has limited seating inside, Tofoo Com Chay is more for take-out), and perfect to grab a yummy $2 vegan sandwich. Yes, $2 !

Ideal spot for someone to organize a KFC cruelty protest and then lunch after. Anyone want to do this on a monthly basis? I know Carol and Mike and crew are doing South Bay KFCs on a rotating basis, but this one just seems a good spot for a monthly protest (yes, I like protests and then socializing a bit after).

Restaurant Info: Good Karma |
Tofoo Com Chay

Any takers? Please contact us!

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