BAVeg in the Chronicle – again!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who contacted the Chronicle when the story about Bay Area Vegetarians appeared last week. Because of your support and interest, it’s running AGAIN!!! If you live in San Francisco or the North Bay, it’s in the “FRIDAY” section of today’s paper . Or you can find it online at:

SF version

North Bay version

Please, please write a supportive and pleasant THANK YOU to the Chron for this wonderful support of our veg message and pro-veg story. Please remember to sign your email & include your city, too. Please also suggest other pro-veg stories that they may want to include.

It’s best to e-mail comments about the sf story to:

and the north bay version to

Or you can also try a letter to the editor:

The Chronicle advises limiting your letters to 200 or fewer words … shorter letters have a better chance of being selected for publication.

Thank you!
Tammy & Chris

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