BAVeg in the SF Chronicle

The story about Bay Area Vegetarians is in today’s “Friday” section of the SF Chronicle. It was interesting to see how much information and know how many people talked to the writer (Matt) and how it was actually distilled into the article presented. And, originally, we were also told it’d be in all the regional editions of the Chron but it looks like it may only in the Peninsula edition. Still, it’s excellent coverage for vegetarianism, and for our efforts to educate about factory farming. If you do see it in other editions please let us know.

So, if you like this type of PRO-veg coverage in the paper, reading about Bay Area Veg and other organizations, or are just tired of writing against anti-veg articles, please write a short, positive note to the Chron and thank them for the coverage and let them know you’d like see more stories of this ilk! Maybe even give them suggestions for future news stories. Let’s help create the news we’d like to see, instead of always reacting to it.

The editor of the “Friday” section where our story appeared can be reached at, and it’s probably a good idea to include your name and city.

The Chronicle also takes letters at and advises, “Please limit your letters to 200 or fewer words … shorter letters have a better chance of being selected for publication.”

Since the article only mentioned a few of the folks who volunteer every month for Bay Area Vegetarians, we want to make sure folks realize that we value everyone’s contributions towards our collective efforts to promote vegetarianism in the Bay Area.

We especially appreciate our volunteers who host or organize events and activities every month: Bob, Thea, Sean, Candace & Nancy, Alicia, Matthew, Sara, Robin, Val, Carol, Sarah. And, a couple of these folks, like Thea, Candace, and Sara organize more than one event a month for the group and community at large.

You can find more about upcoming events on our website, just go to the events section

And please please try to make it to one of the KFC Cruelty protests happening this Saturday. We especially need help at the Pacifica one since it’s high visibility but recently rather low protester turnout.

Hope to see y’all on Saturday!


Chris & Tammy

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