How Much is Too Much?

When it comes to email, it all depends! Check out this summary of how to best use BAVeg’s online resources to stay in touch and informed with BAVeg events & activities and the broader Bay Area vegetarian and animal rights community. With 5 different email lists, forum, and our website, pick and choose the style that works for you.

They are basically listed in order of volume of messages, starting with highest volume going to lowest volume.

“SFBAVEG” is our biggest and primary email list; it is a discussion list (members can post). It includes general Veg/Animal Rights Discussion, Reviews, Local News & Events, with an approximate volume of 200-350 messages/month.

“SFBAVEG-EVENTS” is an announcement only email list; the events from SFBAVEG are re-posted to this list, with an approximate volume of approx. 50 messages a month.

“COASTVEG” is a small email list for San Mateo coastside veggies. (Editor’s Note: We love it when there’s a Vegan Food Party that’s only minutes away! It’s not a coincidence that we picked Montara State Beach for the annual 4th of July picnic, or that camping trips happen on the coast.)

“BAV-NEWS” is the email list for our Monthly BAVeg Newsletter.

The above are all Yahoo Groups list, which offer individual emails (the default selection when you subscribe), daily digest (a single compilation of messages for a daily period) or, if you have a Yahoo ID, no-mail (read the messages in the web archive online).

The BAVeg newsletter is currently posted to each of the mailing lists.

BAVeg Forum

This is our discussion board where you can pick which topics you’d like to read or discuss. It’s easy to follow since discussions are threaded by topic. Additionally, you can select to receive email notifications of replies or new posts for specific topics you’re interested in.

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