Somebunny to Love

Many veg*ns share their homes with animals like cats and dogs. A natural conumdrum occurs when these companions and friends are carnivorous, or, as Jed Gillen calls them, Obligate Carnivores.

For animal-loving people who don’t yet share their homes with non-humans, a smart solution is a friend who shares your herbivorous diet (and, if you eat and shop like I do, who will happily eat all those healthy salad greens bought in overabundance)

So, if you are looking for somebunny to love (and who isn’t!?), don’t miss the special tour on June 25th that Mark is organizing at the SaveABunny, the Marin/SF shelter of House Rabbit Society.

Pictured below are Kimi, Scout, Mouse, and Yoda, just a few of the wonderful bunnies you’ll meet on this tour.


Photos courtesy of SaveABunny, San Francisco/Marin House Rabbit Society

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