Car & Driver needed for StreetTV in SF

Street TV is taking factory farming footage to the streets of San Francisco. Using a body TV to screen the video “Meet Your Meat” (an Alec Baldwin narrated PETA documentary), this stunning and arresting footage stops people in their tracks.

We need a SF driver as the unit is heavy, and Nora (who has the body TV unit) doesn’t have a car.

How effective is StreetTV? Here’s some unsolicited feedback from Lauren Farnsworth of Sacramento, CA:

“My father was walking in SF a couple of weeks ago with his fiance and came across some vegans handing out literature and carrying a TV displaying animals being slaughtered. He told me tonight that after reading the material he was handed, he and his finace have decided to stop eating meat and dairy. So, thank you for all you do and keep up the great work–you really make a difference! You have done for me what I could not do!”

If you can assist us in this project, please contact Nora.

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