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Somebunny to Love

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Many veg*ns share their homes with animals like cats and dogs. A natural conumdrum occurs when these companions and friends are carnivorous, or, as Jed Gillen calls them, Obligate Carnivores.

For animal-loving people who don’t yet share their homes with non-humans, a smart solution is a friend who shares your herbivorous diet (and, if you eat and shop like I do, who will happily eat all those healthy salad greens bought in overabundance)

So, if you are looking for somebunny to love (and who isn’t!?), don’t miss the special tour on June 25th that Mark is organizing at the SaveABunny, the Marin/SF shelter of House Rabbit Society.

Pictured below are Kimi, Scout, Mouse, and Yoda, just a few of the wonderful bunnies you’ll meet on this tour.


Photos courtesy of SaveABunny, San Francisco/Marin House Rabbit Society

Car & Driver needed for StreetTV in SF

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Street TV is taking factory farming footage to the streets of San Francisco. Using a body TV to screen the video “Meet Your Meat” (an Alec Baldwin narrated PETA documentary), this stunning and arresting footage stops people in their tracks.

We need a SF driver as the unit is heavy, and Nora (who has the body TV unit) doesn’t have a car.

How effective is StreetTV? Here’s some unsolicited feedback from Lauren Farnsworth of Sacramento, CA:

“My father was walking in SF a couple of weeks ago with his fiance and came across some vegans handing out literature and carrying a TV displaying animals being slaughtered. He told me tonight that after reading the material he was handed, he and his finace have decided to stop eating meat and dairy. So, thank you for all you do and keep up the great work–you really make a difference! You have done for me what I could not do!”

If you can assist us in this project, please contact Nora.

SF screening of `McLibel’

Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Bay Area Vegetarians is pleased to support the San Francisco screening of McLibel, the landmark case that pitted two activists distributing leaflets about “What’s Wrong with Mc Donald’s?” against a large multi-national corporation in the longest running legal battle, ever.

From Cinema Libre Studio


May 10, 2005

Super Sized Support for `McLibel’

Global Exchange, CorpWatch and National Lawyers Guild on Board to Promote High-Profile `McLibel’ Case Doc. Film Opens in June.

LOS ANGELES – Global Exchange, CorpWatch, National Lawyers Guild, CodePink, Voices for a Viable Future, SF Vegetarian Society and Bay Area Vegetarians have joined forces with Cinema Libre Studio to support the June theatrical release of the controversial documentary `McLibel.’

Directed by Franny Armstrong, “McLibel” follows the 15-year story of London Greenpeace activists Helen Steel and Dave Morris as they are transformed from anonymous campaign volunteers into unlikely global heroes. McDonald’s sued the single father and part-time bar worker for libel in 1990, after “McSpies” infiltrated their non-profit group.

Morris and Steel refused to apologize for distributing a leaflet that asked consumers to ponder the question: “What’s Wrong with
McDonald’s?” The leaflet listed 15 reasons why the corporation did not have the public’s best interests in mind. The `McLibel 2′ defended themselves through what became the longest running legal battle in English history. The case has been described as “the biggest corporate PR disaster” ever.

“For organizations like ours,” says Andrea Buffa, Communications Director of Global Exchange, “that are dedicated to exposing the toll that corporate globalization takes on human rights and environment, it is important we be able to get real information to the public about what corporations are doing. Global Exchange can’t afford billboards and television commercials like the corporations can, so we need to be able to spread our information in other ways – like leafleting outside McDonald’s the way David and Helen did.”

The seven organizations will provide support for the film by spreading the word on a grassroots level and educating their members on the issues raised in the film in relation to their own organizational causes. Some of the orgs will reach out to the media, leafleting outside of McDonald’s in select cities and by creating specific actions to promote the film.

Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation,” became a supporter of “McLibel” early by participating in the film as one of the interviewees. In addition, agit-prop artist Ron English generously donated his artwork titled “McAmerica” (owned by Robert C. Carvalho) to use as the “McLibel” poster image in the US.

– more –

In the “McLibel” case (1996-2005), London’s Royal Courts of Justice found McDonald’s marketing to have claimed “a positive nutritional benefit which their food did not match”, that McDonald’s “exploits children” with their advertising strategy, found the company to be “culpably responsible for animal cruelty”, and that it was fair comment to say that McDonald’s employees worldwide “do badly in terms of pay and conditions.” And finally, “If one eats enough McDonald’s food, one’s diet may well become high in fat, with the very real risk of heart disease.”

In February 2005, the European Court of Human Rights declared that the notorious “McLibel” case breached Steel’s and Morris’ rights to a fair trial, to freedom of expression, and had failed to protect the public’s right to criticize massive corporations whose business practices can affect people’s lives, health and the environment. The court’s rulings will likely change the course of British freedom of speech laws forever.

Media interest in the story remains as fevered today as it has been for the past decade and a half.

“This story is an inspiration to activists everywhere,” says Pratap Chatterjee, managing editor/project director of CorpWatch. “Two
individuals with no money can defeat multinational Goliaths!”

“McLibel” will open on Friday, June 10th in San Francisco and Seattle and will continue to Minneapolis on June 17th. Exact theaters to be announced shortly and additional cities to be added soon.

Grass root organizations interested in becoming involved in the McLibel campaign should contact Rich Castro at

ATTENTION EDITORS AND PRODUCERS: Screeners of “McLibel” and interviews with Franny Armstrong, Dave Morris or Helen Steel are available upon request. To learn more about the feature film “McLibel,” or to download photos, please visit

BAVeg KFC Demo makes the News

Thursday, May 5th, 2005

Our KFC demo from this past weekend made it into the Pacifica Tribune!

We have this demo every month, so please join us. Our next demo will be Saturday, 5/14 — details on this KFC demo and others are on the BAVeg event calendar

KFC Demo - Pacifica - May 2005

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