Breakfast at Fellini’s, Lunch at KFC, and Dinner at Bay Leaf!

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Breakfast at Fellini’s, Lunch at KFC, and Dinner at Bay Leaf!

For the first time I attended 3 (t-h-r-e-e) veggie / AR events in one day!

First I attended, what I hope will become a monthly brunch at Fellini’s in Berkeley. It was hosted by Thea and was well attended. The food was very good but the vegan portion of the menu was disappointingly limited.

Then it was off to San Jose where I had the honor of pestering the local KFC with a lunch time protest organized by Carol (no, no one ate there, not even very many customers!) Special thank you to Michael Borg who has recently had to don his humid chicken outfit and crutches yet again due to a breakdown in negotiations with KFC and PETA. Lets all pray he can wear some decent clothes and walk without a limp soon!

Then it was off to Bay Leaf for a letter writing party hosted by Robin. Low and behold Elise and William from the Fallini brunch also showed up. Thanks for coming guys. (We may not have “shouted at the devil,” but we did write him a few letters.) I can’t believe that after two years of eating at bay leaf there are still great menu items I have not tried. Now there is a veggie menu that is worth it’s weight in tofu!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that it is an honor to be a part of such a thriving veggie / AR scene where you could literally run from event to event all day long.

Thank you to all the veggie event organizers and everyone who came. I always enjoy time spent with such good people.


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