Help needed in San Francisco

We need some help to keep some SF outreach events running on a monthly basis.

1) KFC demo — As PETA and KFC’s negotations failed, it’s critical that we have these demos happening on a regular basis.

Jennifer was coordinating this for the 2nd Saturday of every month, at a different SF KFC. But she is moving to Texas; can anyone step up to do this? Responsibilities would be bringing signs & leaflets to the protest, as well as handling emails about the event. With so many activists who live in SF, I hope there is someone who is willing to be the organizer every month.

2) Street TV — taking footage of how animals are treated on factory farms and in slaughterhouses to the streets via body TV and distributing information about vegetarianism. Nora has a body screen TV and we just need someone with a car to transport the body TV unit (it’s very heavy). If you can help every month or on a regular basis (i.e. one or two volunteers could alternate being the driver), please email us.

Note for new or aspiring activists — If you are a new to advocacy, we will definitely provide support and assistance to get you started.

If you can help, please email!

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