KFC Demos Restarts!

Update from Joe Hinkle at PETA regarding PETA’s KFC campaign. We *will* be holding our scheduled demos this month in Pacifica and Mill Valley. Stay tuned for more news about other demo’s!

Greetings activists:

Six weeks ago I emailed you all to say we were in negotiations with KFC to try to improve the way they treat chickens. We agreed with KFC at the time not to reveal anything about those negotiations, hoping that KFC would do the right thing and agree to do what its own advisors are suggesting. I’m disappointed to announce that after yet another meeting with KFC yesterday, they still aren’t planning to take the recommendations of their own advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of the chickens raised and killed for their restaurants. Outrageously, in the end they wouldn’t offer a firm commitment to do even a single thing that would guarantee improved conditions for even a single chicken. You can see details of our negotiations here:

We feel disappointed, deceived, and angry: KFC told us they were serious this time; they told us they would follow the advice of the world’s top scientists on chicken welfare. In the end, they violated our trust, to the detriment of the 850 million birds killed for their restaurants every year.

We NEED to show them that we are not going to let their apathy go on without a fight!

Starting today, we are declaring a Month of Action against KFC. We need to all get out there and do demos, leaflet, talk to managers, call KFC, fill out a customer service form, write letters, and let everyone know that KFC does not deserve our money until they make these much-needed changes, which the world’s top animal welfare experts have told KFC they support. These experts include people who have been and are on KFC’s “advisory” board. You can find addresses, phone numbers, and a link to the customer service form at www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com. Be sure to let me know if you receive a response.

Everyone who organizes a demo in the next month will receive one of our bloody buckets, a satirical representation of KFC’s buckets. You can view one here: http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/bloodbucket.asp. One bucket that we send out will contain a certificate to receive an assortment of PETA t-shirts! Also, I will send one of our brand new bobblehead dolls, seen here:
http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com/bobbleanniv.asp, to the people who do the most demos during this Month of Action, the person who has the biggest (need pictures), and the person who has the most creative demo (also need pictures).

Finally, everyone that does a demo will be entered into a drawing to win an all expense paid trip for two to the HA 101 of your choice. You can go to www.helpinganimals101.com to read all about this conference, but I can tell you that they are amazing! The four you will get to choose from take place in Miami, Chicago and Houston, or, if you live in Canada, Toronto. Every time you do a demo or pass out leaflets in front of a KFC for an hour, your name will be entered, so do as many as you can!

I can send you all the supplies that you need. When you e-mail me, please include your address so I can ship them out immediately. I can also send out an alert to all the other activists in your area-all you need to do is send me the time, date, and address of your demo. Let’s get out there and show KFC that they have made a huge mistake in screwing over these poor birds and really underestimated our drive and commitment!

Until KFC Changes,

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