Chris James

Chris James

From writing code to designing flyers to being a costumed chicken or Stormtrooper, meet Chris James, BAVeg’s co-founder & general dogsbody, and a vegan force to be reckoned with.

Profession: Computer Engineer
City: Montara
Age: 36
Websites:, and my blog

Are you vegetarian or vegan, and for how long? Veg since ’89, went Vegan in ’94

What motivated you to make this change? Hard to say, it was a long process. My one line answer has always been “To be difficult”, but here’s a recent blog entry on my reasons for going veg. (link)

What are you working on? BAVeg keeps me very busy. I am the keeper of the Ultimate Guide and maintain all the technology on the BAVeg website. I write all the custom code for the site (usually PHP and MySQL), and am the graphic designer for the website, various flyers & posters, as well as list admin for SFBAVEG, the Secretary & Treasurer for BAVeg and official chauffeur for the President.

How can others get involved? Just email me, or see the BAVeg jobs page. Our current focus is building a strong outreach and advocacy team, and establishing BAVeg as a community resource for vegetarianism.

Who/what inspires you to keep going? I see the suffering and cruelty that the animals endure, and then I see that our efforts at BAVeg do make a difference in supporting and promoting a plant-based diet. I work closely with Tammy and we keep each other motivated. Ingrid Newkirk is also one of my heroes.

What advice would you give to an aspiring vegan? Get a good vegan cookbook, like Peaceful Palate, and seek out vegan friends.

What advice would you give to an aspiring activist? Don’t go it alone. Find like-minded people and build relationships and a support system. Working with others can help you avoid burnout.

What else are you involved in? I am a big Star Wars fan and a member of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. We do charity events where I show up as a Stormtrooper, Biker Scout, X-Wing Pilot or a Jedi knight. I also have a huge collection of replica props from various movies.

Favorite band: Del Amitri

Favorite food: Baked beans on toast – it’s a British thing ;)

Favorite dessert: Black China Carrot Cake

Favorite restaurant: Shangri-La Vegetarian Restaurant, closely followed by Herbivore.

Favorite recipe: It varies every month, but currently it’s Thai Pasta (see the April 05 Newsletter for the recipe)

Favorite movies:
The original Star Wars trilogy, the first and last Indiana Jones movies, Star Trek: First Contact, All of the Lord of the Rings movies.

Favorite Quotes:
A wise woman once told me “Vegetarians are like magnets… either we stick together or repel with equal force!”,

and an even wiser man – “You don’t have to be the best to win. Sometimes luck is just on your side and others around you are simply worse.”

Companion Animals:
We share our home with 4 loving cats. Harry, Moo, Jack and Mite (pronounced Mighty). You can read all about their adventures in their very own blog.

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