Vegetarian Advocacy – what can we do?

After a series of recent events, such as the two days at the PETA conference, followed by Ingrid Newkirk’s book tour, and Bay Area Veg’s own series of Meat-Out events (Erik Marcus, tabling, film presentation), it feels that locally our collective efforts and campaigns are gaining momentum in promoting vegetarianism, and we personally feel our own motivation renewed.

Bay Area Vegetarians already has several advocacy events, such as monthly letter writing parties, KFC protests, tabling & outreach and other special events like screenings and speakers. But we think there is a need for an event series that would also connect & support the advocacy community and provide a regular opportunity for us to network and organize, as well as host educational events for the general community. Topics and speakers could range from educational to inspirational to practical how-to/hands-on sessions.

We could have the event every month (or, perhaps bi-monthly depending on interest). The Red Vic Peace Center in the Haight (where Erik Marcus spoke a couple of weeks ago) has graciously agreed to provide space for this event series. Their Peace Cafe features coffee, tea & jucies as well as vegan & organic foods.

With Erik Marcus’ recent presentation on MEAT MARKET, we’d like to propose that we gather to discuss different “dismantlement” or advocacy strategies to promote vegetarianism, as outlined by Erik Marcus in MEAT MARKET. Note: This is not a review of the book, or philosophical discussion of strategies, but a practical discussion of what we can do as an organization, as individuals, as a community to promote vegetarianism and reduce animal suffering, using the strategies outlined in Meat Market as a basis and/or starting point for the discussion.

What: Vegetarian Advocacy
When: Sunday, April 3, 2-4 pm

Where: Red Victorian Peace Center B&B, 1665 Haight Street, corner of Cole, SF. Refreshments (including vegan, organic tamales) are available for purchase.
Cost: Free, of course!
Parking/Public transit: See info below

Suggestions and/or volunteers for future topics welcome. Some ideas for future topics might be nutrition, factory farming investigatons, how to be the only vegan at the family holiday, open rescue, sharing strategies for successful campaigns, effective leafleting, how to deal with media, event promotion, etc.

You are welcome to post in related sites, and share this message with friends. The RSVP link above will allow people to email us directly.

Likewise, RSVPS are not required, but would be appreciated to gauge interest and plan accordingly. If you can’t make this date, or have other feedback on having this type of program, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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