Veg Pride 2005 Fundraising

Veg PrideStreet Fairs are a wonderful way to get our message of vegetarianism, compassion, and good health to the local community. For Bay Area Vegetarians, San Francisco Pride Festival has been one of our best events for outreach since we started tabling there.

We reach thousands of people who are open and interested in our veg message. People from Albany to Arizona to Australia. It is a great feeling to know we are giving people information they can use to make a positive difference in their own lives, and for the animals and planet Earth.

As a free membership organization, we rely on the continued support and financial goodwill of our members and supporters. So, if you would like to participate in our effort to create a more veg-friendly community in the Bay Area and beyond, to help reduce animal suffering by promoting vegetarianism, to make a positive difference in people’s diets, or just because ya like us, please consider sending us a donation.

We need to raise $500-$600 for space, booth rental, insurance, and other costs; if everyone sent us just a $1, we’d make it. But to be sure we do, maybe send us $2 or even a tad more. For donations of $49.99 or more, we’ll include a free lifetime membership in BAV! 🙂

Bay Area Vegetarians is a non-profit corporation, and our 501(c)(3) status is pending. We can accept donations via PayPal, as well as checks or money orders.

Visit our Veg Pride page for more info, photos from previous years, etc.

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