Promote BAV Events & New RSVP system

I want to thank everyone who was so generous in helping to promote our various events, in particular our first KFC protest in SF and the upcoming 3/6 Erik Marcus/Meat Market event. As I later found, it reached many sites and let lots of folks know about our events!

I just have a small request to make.. if you are reposting BAV event notices elsewhere, we would only ask that you do not publish or otherwise distribute our email address in such posts as sometimes these posts become published on other Internet websites, aggregated into other event distributions, etc. While we do like to see our events notices published far and wide, we do not want that to happen with our actual email address (because of spam).

Please continue to help us promote important events like our monthly KFC demos in SF, Palo Alto, Mill Valley, Santa Cruz, Pacifica and South Bay — we would just ask that you just provide folks with the actual event link, and they can use that link to email the host, or provide them directly with the “email host” link.

For example, here’s the links for the Erik Marcus events from our event calendar

Event link:

direct “Email Host” link:

Thank you for your help in promoting our events, and making the Bay Area a more vegetarian and compassionate community. I hope to see many of you on Sunday at 2 pm at Erik Marcus’ presentation!


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