Dealing with difficult topics

At the recent PETA Helping Animals 101 conference, PETA planned to show video clips throughout the day. Right up front they talked to the audience about the footage and asked folks to watch it, even though it may be disturbing or graphic. In testimony to the animals who are suffering in those conditions and to the investigators who took a big risk to gain that footage, they asked us to stay and watch. Plus, they explained, seeing the footage allows us to better understand and describe the issues to others.

In regards to our discussion mailing list, and the topics that sometimes get presented, it’s a wide range, just like the folks who are subscribed to the list. Some are aspiring vegetarians while others are staunch animal rights activists. Some topics are interesting to some, but not to others.

That is a disadvantage when you may get emails you’re not interested in, but an advantage when you stumble upon something that you otherwise would not have received.

While we can’t control what topics are discussed (i.e. that really depends on what questions or comments get posted and the responses), we do ask that people keep all posts relevant.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to review the charter and posting guidelines, please take a few minutes to do so.

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