Tammy & BAV need your help!

It seems like we were just having a wonderful dinner at Shangri-La last week and yet my BAV last Thursday dinner for February is just next week!
(If you want to join us, we’ve got several seats left, hint hint..)

Guess time just flies when I’m busy (this past weekend was our first SF KFC demo on Saturday, prior to that, I had back to back BAV events on both Saturday & Sunday for two weeks running) and in between that I went to work. Whew, guess this is my break since I’m not hosting anything until Shangri-La dinner next week.

Well, it’s not really a break, more like an opportunity to catch-up since Erik Marcus is speaking for us on 3/6 and I’ve been using the time to prepare for & promote that event.

Planning for events is always a continuous activity for me, and one of my main responsibilities for BAV… Here’s a few of the events that I’m currently planning to give you some idea .. Meat-out, another Sparks/Redwoods road trip to Guerneville in April, HMB vegan beach retreat in May, oh, and there’s Pride in June and there’s always coordinating with other BAV event hosts, and other individuals and organizations that BAV works with.

Basically, the group has really grown alot in three years, even just the last year. To continue this growth, we are looking for some energetic people to help out. We have identified 3 areas that we’d like to fill, with the first being the most important.

– publicity
– outreach
– sfbaveg list admin

I titled the email ‘Tammy & BAV needs your help’ because as an all-volunteer organization, we are really dependant upon our volunteers. We’ve got some wonderful volunteers running our monthly dinners and advocacy events, and we’d like to get a similar structure going for more administrative tasks like the ones listed above. Currently, I have been trying to do all 3 roles above (in addition to my other regular activities), with varying degrees of success. I currently spend about 15-20 hours a week on administrative tasks alone (this excludes time I spend at events) and this increases when big events happen (like camping trips).

So if you can step-up, that would be a great help to Bay Area Vegetarians, the local vegetarian community that we support, and also to me, personally.

You can read more about each volunteer job at

And because people do ask us, yeah, both Chris and I work full-time jobs. Everything that we do for BAV is done in our spare time, on a completely volunteer basis. So if you can help with the above 3 jobs, or even something simpler (like hosting a Vegan Food Party in April or beyond), your help would be appreciated. (Yes, this email is directed to you, personally, not to someone else.)


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