BAV SF KFC Demo – Geary Blvd

Wow, we had a great turnout at Saturday’s KFC protest in San Francisco. THANK YOU to everyone who attended on Saturday and to everyone who helped spread the word about it.

About 25 concerned neighbors and activists attended. Aside from the PETA KFC demo, this was the largest one I’ve ever attended (i.e. we usually have 3-5 people at the Pacifica KFC demos) The KFC manager was very unhappy with us, and even tried to counter our leafleting by passing out KFC coupons. Mr C Chicken emphasized the point of KFC’s cruelty by hobbling across the street, accompanied by an activist and sign explaining the “Broken Wings & Legs”.

KFC Demo - Geary Blvd San Francisco

More photos from the demo

Everyone who attended earned points in our Advocacy Rewards Program. I’ll be adding the points later tonite, so please check your total, and if you don’t see yourself listed, please email me with your name, city, and email address and I’ll make sure yours get added. We’ve gotten some new prize donations from PETA as well as BayLeaf Cafe that will be added, too.

This was the first monthly SF protest that BAV is organizing to educate the public and protest KFC and their treatment of chickens. The SF KFC demo series will continue, on the 2nd Saturday of every month, to a different KFC every month.

Our next KFC demo is in Pacifica on Sat Feb 26th and the next SF demo will be Sat March 12th in SF at 200 Duboce Ave from noon to 1 pm. EBAA has an Oakland KFC demo scheduled on 2/26.

You can use this link to add the SF KFC demo to your Outlook calendar.

See the BAV event calendar for other KFC demos and more vegetarian and advocacy events.

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