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PETA suspends KFC protests for March

Monday, February 28th, 2005

Hi folks!

Joe at PETA is asking us to suspend KFC demos for March (please see his email below). With this news, we will be suspending the 6 KFC protests that we had scheduled this month in SF, Santa Cruz, South Bay, Palo Alto, Pacifica, and Mill Valley. In a few minutes, I will update our event calendar to show them as *suspended* on the calendar.

Please pass this info on anyone else you may know planning or attending KFC demos in March. We will let you all know about April KFC demos once we get more info from PETA.

If anyone finds themselves with extra time, we have 3 Letter Writing parties scheduled in March in Berkeley, SF, and Palo Alto.

Tammy & Chris
Bay Area Vegetarians

—–Original Message—–
From: Joe Hinkle
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2005 9:46 AM
To: Joe Hinkle
Subject: Update on KFC campaign

Hello Activists:
Thanks to your efforts and due to negotiations between PETA and KFC, brokered by Russell Simmons, we are asking that for the next 30 days you suspend protests at KFC in hope that the negotiations will result in chicken welfare improvements.
For Animal Rights,


Joe Hinkle | Activist Liaison
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals | | “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

Promote BAV Events & New RSVP system

Sunday, February 27th, 2005

I want to thank everyone who was so generous in helping to promote our various events, in particular our first KFC protest in SF and the upcoming 3/6 Erik Marcus/Meat Market event. As I later found, it reached many sites and let lots of folks know about our events!

I just have a small request to make.. if you are reposting BAV event notices elsewhere, we would only ask that you do not publish or otherwise distribute our email address in such posts as sometimes these posts become published on other Internet websites, aggregated into other event distributions, etc. While we do like to see our events notices published far and wide, we do not want that to happen with our actual email address (because of spam).

Please continue to help us promote important events like our monthly KFC demos in SF, Palo Alto, Mill Valley, Santa Cruz, Pacifica and South Bay — we would just ask that you just provide folks with the actual event link, and they can use that link to email the host, or provide them directly with the “email host” link.

For example, here’s the links for the Erik Marcus events from our event calendar

Event link:

direct “Email Host” link:

Thank you for your help in promoting our events, and making the Bay Area a more vegetarian and compassionate community. I hope to see many of you on Sunday at 2 pm at Erik Marcus’ presentation!


Christine Morrissey

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Christine Morrissey

Empowered by compassion for the animals, fueled with Avocado Sushi and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, named one of the best Local Activists in the BEST OF VEG 2004 contest, meet Christine Morrissey and learn what she’s doing to help the animals…

Profession: Education Coordinator, Contra Costa County Bar Association, Martinez

City: Oakland
Age: 24

How many years [vegetarian/vegan]? 10 Years

What motivated you to make this change?
At age 14, I entered the workforce on the wrong-foot as a cashier at McDonald’s. I came to my senses quickly and quit my job under the Golden Arches. After viewing the documentary “To Love or Kill: Man vs. Animals,” subsequently, I stopped eating meat–cold turkey. Several years later, I adopted a vegan diet.

What are you working on?
I work with East Bay Animal Advocates. Established in May 2003, EBAA is a nonprofit organization based in the Bay Area. Powered by nearly 200 volunteer supporters, EBAA defends animals harmed in agriculture, entertainment, fashion, science and beyond. EBAA is always looking for volunteers for our education, rescue, and advocacy programs. EBAA is delighted to share our recent achievements:

  • Rescued 35 farmed animals from California’s Central Valley
  • Distributed thousands of pieces of humane educational literature to the public
  • Featured in the media over 15 times
  • Organized over 100 outreach events in the San Francisco Bay Area

I am currently working on several farmed animal investigations. As well, I spend time organizing frequent public outreach events (i.e. feed-ins, workshops) to promote vegetarianism in the East Bay. Two months ago, I completed the training to become a Level One humane officer in the State of California.

Who/what inspires you to keep going?

Eminem & Poults (Baby Turkeys)

Favorite Quote:
“Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us to do what we gotta do, to survive.” –Tupac Shakur

Favorite Movies:
Steel Magnolias, The Blair Witch Project & Apocalypse Now

Favorite Vegan Treats:

Burritos, Lanesplitter’s Vegan Pizza, Avocado Sushi & Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Companion Animals:
I share my Oakland apartment with Dutch, a gregarious pit bull/chow/lab mix. After rescuing Dutch from a car accident last year, I have been inseparable from this crazy canine. Dutch is a healthy vegan pup who is always looking for trouble!

Dealing with difficult topics

Thursday, February 24th, 2005

At the recent PETA Helping Animals 101 conference, PETA planned to show video clips throughout the day. Right up front they talked to the audience about the footage and asked folks to watch it, even though it may be disturbing or graphic. In testimony to the animals who are suffering in those conditions and to the investigators who took a big risk to gain that footage, they asked us to stay and watch. Plus, they explained, seeing the footage allows us to better understand and describe the issues to others.

In regards to our discussion mailing list, and the topics that sometimes get presented, it’s a wide range, just like the folks who are subscribed to the list. Some are aspiring vegetarians while others are staunch animal rights activists. Some topics are interesting to some, but not to others.

That is a disadvantage when you may get emails you’re not interested in, but an advantage when you stumble upon something that you otherwise would not have received.

While we can’t control what topics are discussed (i.e. that really depends on what questions or comments get posted and the responses), we do ask that people keep all posts relevant.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to review the charter and posting guidelines, please take a few minutes to do so.

Monthly Events Schedule

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

Bay Area Vegetarians now hosts 17 events every month.

Here is the line-up for folks who want to mark their calendars in advance:

Monthly Letter Writing Party
2nd Tuesday – Berkeley, host: Sara — new (March)
3rd Saturday – SF, host: Thea
4th Saturday – Palo Alto, host: Robin — new (Feb)

Monthly KFC Protests
1st Saturday – Santa Cruz, host: Sarah/PARA
1st Saturday – South Bay, host: Carol
2nd Saturday – SF, host: Jennifer
3rd Saturday – Palo Alto, host: Candace — new (March)
4th Friday – Mill Valley, host: Valerie — new (Feb)
4th Saturday – Pacifica, host: Tammy

Monthly College Leafleting

Date varies, SF Academy of Arts, host: Tammy

Monthly Dinners
2nd Tuesday – Marin, host: Alicia & Andrea — new (Feb)
2nd Tuesday – Palo Alto, host: Sean
2nd Wednesday – SF (varies), host: Dave
2nd Saturday – San Jose, host: Candace & Nancy

3rd Sunday – Oakland, host: Connie
3rd Friday – SF (Kaleva), host: Thea
Last Thursday – SF (Shangri-La), host: Tammy & Chris

Of course, we have only our wonderful volunteer hosts to thank for this. Without their efforts, we would not be able to have these events; they are indeed “Veggie Important People” (VIPs) to us. What we found interesting is that the majority of the event hosts are women. BAV is an equal opportunity all-volunteer organization, so men are welcome to host events or become more involved with BAV, too.

Also, we’re still looking for a dynamic outreach coordinator.

Please show your support for these events by attending, and bring along a friend or two or seven. While these events happen monthly at a set date/time/location every month, please check the event calendar for updates as occasionally there are changes.

BAV SF KFC Demo – Geary Blvd

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Wow, we had a great turnout at Saturday’s KFC protest in San Francisco. THANK YOU to everyone who attended on Saturday and to everyone who helped spread the word about it.

About 25 concerned neighbors and activists attended. Aside from the PETA KFC demo, this was the largest one I’ve ever attended (i.e. we usually have 3-5 people at the Pacifica KFC demos) The KFC manager was very unhappy with us, and even tried to counter our leafleting by passing out KFC coupons. Mr C Chicken emphasized the point of KFC’s cruelty by hobbling across the street, accompanied by an activist and sign explaining the “Broken Wings & Legs”.

KFC Demo - Geary Blvd San Francisco

More photos from the demo

Everyone who attended earned points in our Advocacy Rewards Program. I’ll be adding the points later tonite, so please check your total, and if you don’t see yourself listed, please email me with your name, city, and email address and I’ll make sure yours get added. We’ve gotten some new prize donations from PETA as well as BayLeaf Cafe that will be added, too.

This was the first monthly SF protest that BAV is organizing to educate the public and protest KFC and their treatment of chickens. The SF KFC demo series will continue, on the 2nd Saturday of every month, to a different KFC every month.

Our next KFC demo is in Pacifica on Sat Feb 26th and the next SF demo will be Sat March 12th in SF at 200 Duboce Ave from noon to 1 pm. EBAA has an Oakland KFC demo scheduled on 2/26.

You can use this link to add the SF KFC demo to your Outlook calendar.

See the BAV event calendar for other KFC demos and more vegetarian and advocacy events.

Tammy & BAV need your help!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

It seems like we were just having a wonderful dinner at Shangri-La last week and yet my BAV last Thursday dinner for February is just next week!
(If you want to join us, we’ve got several seats left, hint hint..)

Guess time just flies when I’m busy (this past weekend was our first SF KFC demo on Saturday, prior to that, I had back to back BAV events on both Saturday & Sunday for two weeks running) and in between that I went to work. Whew, guess this is my break since I’m not hosting anything until Shangri-La dinner next week.

Well, it’s not really a break, more like an opportunity to catch-up since Erik Marcus is speaking for us on 3/6 and I’ve been using the time to prepare for & promote that event.

Planning for events is always a continuous activity for me, and one of my main responsibilities for BAV… Here’s a few of the events that I’m currently planning to give you some idea .. Meat-out, another Sparks/Redwoods road trip to Guerneville in April, HMB vegan beach retreat in May, oh, and there’s Pride in June and there’s always coordinating with other BAV event hosts, and other individuals and organizations that BAV works with.

Basically, the group has really grown alot in three years, even just the last year. To continue this growth, we are looking for some energetic people to help out. We have identified 3 areas that we’d like to fill, with the first being the most important.

– publicity
– outreach
– sfbaveg list admin

I titled the email ‘Tammy & BAV needs your help’ because as an all-volunteer organization, we are really dependant upon our volunteers. We’ve got some wonderful volunteers running our monthly dinners and advocacy events, and we’d like to get a similar structure going for more administrative tasks like the ones listed above. Currently, I have been trying to do all 3 roles above (in addition to my other regular activities), with varying degrees of success. I currently spend about 15-20 hours a week on administrative tasks alone (this excludes time I spend at events) and this increases when big events happen (like camping trips).

So if you can step-up, that would be a great help to Bay Area Vegetarians, the local vegetarian community that we support, and also to me, personally.

You can read more about each volunteer job at

And because people do ask us, yeah, both Chris and I work full-time jobs. Everything that we do for BAV is done in our spare time, on a completely volunteer basis. So if you can help with the above 3 jobs, or even something simpler (like hosting a Vegan Food Party in April or beyond), your help would be appreciated. (Yes, this email is directed to you, personally, not to someone else.)


BAV on / Erik’s Diner

Tuesday, February 15th, 2005

Check out today and listen to Erik’s Diner.

Bay Area Vegetarians got a mention and I recorded a small segment for the end of the show to add to Erik’s ‘fifty vegan foods you must try before you die

Don’t forget Erik Marcus will be speaking for us in San Francisco on March 6th. For more details check the events page.

BAV Newsletter – February 2005

Friday, February 4th, 2005

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