BAV events 2005 — your input & help needed

Bay Area Vegetarians hosts about 10-15 events a month (about 140 events for 2004 — isn’t this amazing!?). Some of our most popular events are the monthly dinners and the camping / outdoor trips, whose destinations have included Arroyo Seco, Butano State Park, Donner summit, Half Moon Bay State Beach, Pt Reyes, and Yosemite.

All of the events are wonderful opportunities to share good vegan food and fellowship, but the camping trips are the most fun.. and also take the most work.

Just a heads-up for anyone who is interested in planning an outdoor trip for the group: reservations for California State Parks happen 6 months in advance. Booking for the summer months will start in January! I already booked the Half Moon Bay State Beach trip for May 20-22 2005.

We are an entirely volunteer organization, and the events and activities that happen depend on the enthusiasm, input and participation of our members… but most importantly, the volunteer organizers, our Veggie Important People! ( )

Let’s make it happen for 2005 .. camping trips .. vegan food parties .. letter writing parties .. KFC protests .. adopt-a-college .. restaurant dinners .. Guerneville/Sparks road trip… singles party? what else?? We are entirely open to your suggestions for the types of events that you would like to see happen.

You can reach us via email, or I’ll also be at a few events in the next several days .. Colleen’s DVD Party today, Fund for Animals Party on Sunday, Kaleva dinner on Monday and .. if I haven’t exploded from all the food.. the BAV monthly Palo Alto dinner — details on the event calendar at

Bay Area Vegetarians

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