Organ donation is Compassion for Animals

Are you an organ donor? It is the ultimate gift of compassion to share your organs with another human being….

Vegetarians are known to have healthy diets whereas people needing organ transplants are in poor health and perhaps the cause of their health is an unhealthy animal-based diet. If you’ve become veg for ethical reasons, there is the reasonable concern that enabling someone who eats animals to live longer is contributing to animal suffering by enabling a meat-eater to live longer and continue their flesh-eating ways.

Well, I’d like to point out that there’s always the possibility that the person needing an organ is a vegetarian… or maybe it is someone you know. AND, there are a couple more good reasons to be an organ donor — there is a critical shortage of organs. People die every day because of a lack of organs.

To address this shortage of human organs, medical researchers have been experimenting with transplanting animal organs to humans. Sadly, there is also a black market in human organs, and people suffer or die having their organs harvested for transplant to the wealthy who can afford them.

If more people became organ donors, if there were an adequate supply of human organs, the demand and subsequent profiteering motives behind animal experimentation and black market organ donors would become less profitable.

DMV sends out organ donor cards with license renewals, and I think they have them available for pickup at their offices, but don’t wait! Get an organ donor card now — I surfed the web and quickly found one site that offers a downloadable version:

Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) also offers them, and will send you some for tabling.

And before you support that medical charity, do some research as to where that money is going (i.e. is it supporting animal research). See if it has the “Humane Seal” of approval.

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