Thanks for a great BAV party!

Hi folks,

We want to thank everyone who joined us to celebrate BAV’s third year this past Saturday, as well as sing “Happy Birthday” to several October birthday celebrants in attendance and special kudos to Karen, celebrating her 12-year vegan anniversary. For those who missed the party (we did have to cap attendance, as it was over 50 people), we had lots of fun with outstanding food and desserts, special door prizes and drawings, veggie entertainers, great mix of new & getting older veggies, plus just an enjoyable time chatting with new and old veg friends.

There were several comments from folks about how “incredibly young BAV is, yet already so deeply rooted as a community resource” and how “it feels like its always been around”. While we have worked really hard to make BAV what it is today, we haven’t done it alone, and thanks are also due to everyone who has helped along the way, like our “Veggie Important People” who host events, folks who help us do outreach, etc.

This special party would not have been possible — or as tasty — without the support and help from several individuals and the local veg business community. We’d like to give them an extra special thanks:

Lyman, for providing a wonderful community room, pool, and hot tub for our guests

– our wonderful plant-powered entertainers: Lori H and Alex for improv, and Pat, for guitar & singing (we also have to thank Alex for introducing us to MaggieMudd’s Peanut Butter Palooka in July … this has changed our lives and our waistlines immeasurably!)

JYOTI & SPICE BY THE BAY : provided several trays of delicious Indian foods — yummy, beautifully presented — and well-spiced. For those wanting to learn more about Indian Foods, Jyoti is teaching a class on Indian chats and appetizers on 11/11. If anyone forgot to pick up one of her newsletters, we have a few extra copies.

ERIC & SPARKS RESTAURANT — created squares of organic yummy delights — brownies, peanut butter cookies, & oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. It was really nice to met Eric, one of the new vegan owners. They are having several special events coming up, including a Middle Eastern Dinner on 10/23 and Thanksgiving events on 11/23.

BODY TECHNICIAN aka Jordan — brought his massage table and healing hands to our party; he provided massages to our guests, and donated all proceeds to BAV.

MILLENNIUM RESTAURANT created and donated two beautiful and delicious cakes (thank you to a special friend for arranging this!)

>> Their respective entries in UG have been provided if you’d like to learn more about their businesses. We encourage folks to support veg-owned businesses (to keep veg dollars in the veg community), and especially encourage y’all to support the businesses (like the four above) that support the local veg community.

Cakes don’t lie; it was indeed an occasion for “Joyful Vegan Celebrations” . You can see a few highlights from the party at:

Congratulations to Donna, Nicole and Sean, who were the drawing winners (thanks to Lori for helping with the tickets!), but no one went home empty-handed as we also gave out copies of NAVS’ 200-page cruelty free guide and PETA’s newest DVD, “CHEW ON THIS”.

It is also great to see more kids at our recent events, the next generation of vegetarians! It is our sincere hope that our work in promoting a plant-based diet will be so successful that we’ll do ourselves out of a job, and veg*n organizations will not be necessary in their generation. Thanks to everyone who has helped BAV in the last three years, and we look forward to working with you in the years to come!

Tammy & Chris
Bay Area Vegetarians

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