Best of Veg 2004 – Contest Started

Vote and Win Prizes

It’s that time again to vote for the Best of Bay Area Vegetarian Living. This is the 2nd year that Bay Area Vegetarians is sponsoring this annual survey. Voting in ‘BEST OF VEG 2004‘ begins on World Vegetarian Day, October 1st.

We’ve got many of the same categories from last year, as well as some new categories, like Best: Raw, Mexican, regional restaurant, Activist, event, and organization.

Additionally, if you’d like to help your favorite restaurant garner votes, or just want to help promote the vegetarian business community which benefits all of us, you can download and print flyers from our website.

With thanks to the following local & veg-owned businesses, we will again have prize giveaways to random voters: Body Technician, VegNews Magazine, and Sun Flour Baking.

If you would like to participate and contribute a prize as well, please contact us (note: for the Best of Veg 2004 prizes, we prefer donations from individuals or veggie businesses not eligible for any of the categories). We are also accepting prize donations for other programs, like the Advocacy Rewards Program.

So check out the BEST OF VEG 2004 contest and pass the word.

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