KFC Pacifica Demo Today

It’s always been hard for me to throw away anything that could possibly have another use. Boxes, neat packaging from products I’ve bought, ribbons, gift bags, wrapping paper from gifts given to me 10 years ago.. I’ve got it!

And sometimes it pays to keep all that crap.

Joe Hinkle at PETA sent me my KFC leafleting pack. It had 6 posters, a slew of leaflets and stickers.

Of course, I’ve had this material for a few weeks… and I of course left it until the morning of our planned leafleting at the local KFC to figure out what to do with everything.

I get up at 7:30 am, feed the hungry cats, have a drink of water, quickly check my email, and then the scavenger hunt begins!

I need to find cardboard to mount these posters so we can make our message easily visible, and I need to figure out am I bringing a table for the leaflets and Vegetarian Starter Kits or are we going to hold it all….

As to the ‘we’, there will be two of us (I hope!), maybe even three, meeting today in Pacifica. Worse case scenario, it will be just me…

Cardboard … cardboard … why did I leave it until the last minute… looking in my office, under the desk, behind the door, in the closet.. quick glance in the room that holds everything, found some some new posterboard (do I want to use that or save it for something else?) … in the laundry room (the staging area before anything gets moved to the garage and the finally out to the street for recycling day) I find something very promising!

A tall box from our shiny new steel-plated kitchen garbage can with hinged lid… Perfect! I quickly measure that against the posters, deciding if it can a poster on each side. Yes, looks good. Okay, now to find three more pieces of cardboard.

I’m thinking… when was the last time I needed cardboard. Oh! SF Gay Pride! We mounted a slew of posters and signs and had some extra. Okay, that stuff all got stuck in the garage in this corner. Wading through stacks of recycling bins, camping gear, already mounted posters… aha! Three pieces!

I’ve figured out how to re-cut the cardboard so all the posters fit. I’ve got my posters mounted on our new KFC kiosk, and three posters ready for individual leafleters. From previous experience leafleting at circuses, rodeos, anti-fur, anti-hunting, etc. events, I know a few things. One, your fingers cramp when you hold a poster for a long period of time. Two, unless you are very nimble, it’s hard to hold a poster and leaflets at the same time.

So, I punch two holes in each of the individual posters and thread recycled gift ribbon through them. Guess you could consider it a really tacky looking (but compassionate) necklace for activists.

Rummage through the garage again… find my plastic stand to put the Veg Starter Kits in, place that on the top of my KFC kiosk and there we go! Recycled box now has a poster on each of its 4 sides, top becomes a table to present Vegetarian Starter Kits, and three signs for leafleters to wear.

Not bad for two hours, huh! See, that’s why I leave it to the last minute… somehow it all just works out!

KFC Demo Setup

3 pm

It went really well. Since this KFC is located right off Highway 1, we made a strategic decision to direct our message to the traffic. So, about 2000 cars, buses, and a bicyclist saw our message of “Boycott KFC”, “Scalded Alive”, and we rotated the sign kiosk to show the different messages. We got a mixed reaction of supportive beeps and waves and a few folks with some type of hand problem.

We’ll be back again next month, and it’d be great to get a couple more folks to join us so we can get the message out even further.

And, as an added perk, there is the Advocacy Rewards Program!


  1. Tom [Visitor] says:

    Great setup!

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