Veggie Mentor Program Launched

We are pleased to announce the start of our long-awaited Mentor Program!

The Mentor program provides a support network to folks who have already made the decision that they want to be vegan/vegetarian, but have questions or just want to connect with others who are also making the same transition.

Folks enrolled in the Mentor Program will receive:

  • Encouragement/support for healthier and more compassionate food choices
  • Information on vegetarian nutrition and wise food choices
  • Help or advice on dealing with family and friends
  • Cooking & shopping tips
  • Advice on being veg at work
  • Tips on eating out at restaurants
  • Practical information on living vegetarian
  • Info on how to connect further with the vegetarian and animal rights community
  • Learn more about reasons for vegetarianism: animal rights, factory farming, environment, health
  • Resources to learn more about vegetarianism and animal rights

New, aspiring, or lapsed vegetarians/vegans are welcome. There is no monetary cost to enroll or participate in the program. We merely ask that you are sincere and diligent in your motivations to adopt a plant-based diet.

To learn more about the Mentor Program and how to get started, please visit

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