Award for Outstanding Achievement

Tammy Vegan Outreach - Adopt A College Award

The last time I got in award for “Outstanding Achievement” was in my pre-veggie-burgers days. I was probably a kid in school…

Participating in the Adopt-a-College campaign is why I’ve returned to school at the Academy of Arts College in SF. During the school season, I’m there monthly on my lunch hour, handing out Why Vegan? booklets.

The award from Vegan Outreach (who coordinates the AAC campaign) reads:

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College Program Presented to Tammy Lee for working to end cruelty to animals by handing out 149 Vegan Outreach booklets at San Francisco’s Academy of Art College during the winter/spring 2004 semester

149 booklets really was a drop in the bucket compared to thousands of leaflets distributed by the top achievers (the top achievers distributed over 6,000 booklets). Jack Norris, President of Vegan Outreach, noted

I have an award for Christine and Tammy who, even though they did not hand out enough to be in the top 15, did a lot to promote the program and went out to leaflet on a regular basis at some small colleges.

Way cool!!

I would encourage everyone to participate… and we were inspired by AAC’s program to start our own Advocacy Rewards Program So join me, adopt a college, write some letters, let’s get out there for the animals!

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