Camping in the Redwoods

We are happy to announce one of our favorite events of the year… what’s become an annual Bay Area Vegetarians event… camping in the Redwood forest of Butano State Park!

This is our favorite place to camp — it is only 60 miles south of SF, yet being in the Redwoods has such a peaceful, soothing quality to it, it feels like you are far away from the densely populated Bay Area. Redwoods are awesome.
Of Butano State Park, The Best in Tent Camping Northern California says :

The trees are so tall, the forest so still that camping here is like pitching a tent in a cathedral.

These multi-day group trips are wonderful ways to connect with the local veg community, and start or continue both new & old friendships. For aspiring or experienced vegetarians, these trips are wonderful ways to explore vegetarian foods, participate in making delicious vegan meals, and just plain fun to hang out with like-minded folks in a beautiful and relaxing redwood setting.

What: Butano State Park Camping Trip
When: Friday Sept 10 to Sunday Sept 12
Where: Butano State Park (~ 60 miles south of SF)
Hosts: Tammy & Chris

Full details on the camping trip, photos of previous Butano Camping trips, etc. visit the Butano camping trip page

According to Native American lore, Butano means “a gathering place for friendly visits”. We definitely agree!

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Tammy & Chris

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