Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living Launched

We are pleased to announce a cool new tool on our website…. We’ve dubbed it “The Ultimate Guide to Vegetarian Living in the San Francisco Bay Area” or UG for short 🙂

This is an online database that allows you to search based on already defined categories, e.g. restaurants, farmers markets, city, neighborhood, N,S,W,E Bay etc. or free-form text where you can try and find stuff with keywords, e.g. pizza, berkeley or north.

Our guide was inspired by a small pocket guide book called “Vegetarian London” that we’ve used as tourists. Like theirs, ours covers Restaurants, Health Food Stores, Farmers Markets, Retail Locations, Lodging, Services, Local Publications, Animal Sanctuaries and points of interest. Restaurants are classified as Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegan friendly and Veg friendly. UG also allows you to create custom Adobe Acrobat files with just the info you want.

While there is still lots of data that needs adding, we were excited and wanted share it with all of you. We’re hoping this will be a community project and that you’ll all help by adding businesses from your neighborhoods and cities. Don’t forget this is more than just veggie restaurants.

Check out The Ultimate Guide here – http://www.bayareaveg.org/ug/

This is just the start … and we plan on adding a lot more features – especially in the custom Adobe Acrobat print feature to help you take UG on the road.

You can help by –

– adding your local veg & veg-friendly businesses. we know there is no way we can add everything ourselves, so be our eyes & ears in the veg community!

– adding reviews for your favorite restaurant/business.
– sharing the word about this new tool with your veg friends.
– submit photos for listings.

So, give it a try and we’d love to hear from you with you ideas and thoughts about UG.

Special thanks to those of you who helped test it out so far.

Take care

Chris & Tammy

Bay Area Vegetarians

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