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Veg Prizes award to Restaurant Voters!

Friday, January 30th, 2004

Cooking class by Compassionate Cooks

Brian S – Sausalito

Bob G – Hayward Card

Cathy L – San Francisco

Veg Pins from Wild Bryde

Becca B – Berkeley

Gabe – San Francisco
George G – San Francisco
Jordan R – El Cerrito
June F – Oakland
Lena S – San Francisco
Liz S – Mountain View

Lynn L – San Francisco
Mickey W – Berkeley
Nora – San Francisco
Shoshana B – Los Altos
Tom R – Santa Cruz
Tracy E – Pacifica

Warren J – San Francisco

Veg t-shirts from NAVS

Joanna W – Richmond
Lori H – Mountain View
Amy T – Fremont

BAV joins Bay Area Animal Right Network

Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Mailing list hits 1000+ members!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Veg Restaurant Winners Announced.

Sunday, January 4th, 2004

We are pleased and excited to announce the results of the 2003 Vegetarian Restaurant Contest sponsored by Bay Area Vegetarians.

Thank you to the members of Bay Area Vegetarians (1500+ members) and the general community for their votes and participation in our contest. The contest was designed to recognize the best in local vegetarian dining in several categories.

Visit our website to see the restaurant winners and the runners-up in the 10 categories and some interesting Bay Area Vegetarian Dining Factoids.

The results clearly show the excellence of our local vegetarian restaurants. A few restaurants emerged as clear favorites of vegetarian diners. Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, San Francisco restaurants dominated the results. Interestingly, the East Bay had only one winner — a non-vegetarian restaurant in a vegan food category that was open to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants — while the South Bay made a strong showing in the Best New Restaurant category.

We also held a drawing to give special vegan prizes to voters. There were over 25 winners, so watch for an email in your inbox in the next couple of days.

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