The Ultimate Guide to Veg Living in the Bay Area

There is an abundance of places to find plant-based food in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. With almost 90 strictly vegetarian, over 30 vegan restaurants and an incredible array of choices regarding vegetarian products and locally grown produce, the San Francisco Bay Area is (in our opinion) the most veg-friendly region in all of North America.


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Latest Reviews

"Delicious and reasonable prices too. Old style Chinese food with extensive menu with both pictures, as well as Chinese and English language menu. Looking forward to returning again and ordering extra food to take home with me."
by tammy on Jyun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant

"Taj Grill recently changed their Wed buffet to be entirely plant-based. When we went, all 8 entrees were vegan. It was so delicious, with a great variety among the dishes. All you can eat buffet for 9.99 -- very dangerous for vegans who are used to limited choices. Also 4 vegan sides but really who would eat rice or salad at a buffet, lol."
by tammy on Taj Grill

"No longer offering vegan donuts. Still offers nondairy milk."
by tammy on Java Jax

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Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. - Albert Schweitzer


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Recently Added Restaurants

leCupboard café - San Francisco - Vegan
Vegan Donut Gelato - Oakland - Vegan
Pho Saigon Village - Vallejo - Vegan Friendly
Java Jax - Vallejo - Vegan Friendly
Taste of Nepal - Sebastopol - Vegan Friendly

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